NICE AND EASY: What does a red light on a DIRECTV Genie Client mean?

If your DIRECTV client looks like this, you have a problem. 

What you really want to see on a client is that nice yellowish-green light. If you see a solid yellow-orange light, that means the line quality is poor. If you see a flashing yellow light it means that the client is disconnected.

The red light is the worst light of all really. It means the client is connected, but the quality of the signal is so poor that the client can’t be used. This happens sometimes due to a line that’s become crimped or a connector that’s gotten corroded. Generally it’s because you’ve run the line too long or split too many times.

If this problem just started by itself, chances are something’s happened to the line. If it happened after you rearranged something, it’s possible you’ve just split the line too many times.

Either way, this is a hard one to get past sometimes. It may take some re-cabling or it may require you to think about a new way to get that client working. If it’s cable length that’s giving you problems, a Wireless Video Bridge can be placed up to 150 cable-feet from the Genie DVR and then you can use a wireless client up to 50 feet from that. Using smaller splitters may or may not help. Generally you’re better off eliminating splitters, like if you have a 2-port and a 4-port, combine them into an 8-port and you’ll see better performance from Genie clients.

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