THROWBACK THURSDAY: Remember wanting this DVR?

It was almost ten years ago, believe it or not. DIRECTV had been fooling around with HD for about two years but this was the first time they got serious. This was the big dog, the DIRECTV HR20:

50 hours of HD recording awesomeness, along with a few showstopper bugs like it spontaneously rebooted, a lot. It also took about 15 minutes to get back to live TV. But it didn’t matter, this was 2006 and this was an HD DVR!

Back then, DIRECTV sold receivers. I mean really sold them. This wasn’t a lease, this was a flat out you-own-the-thing-you-do-what-you-want-to situation. And then just like now, there was only one place you could get the best DIRECTV equipment,

That’s right, Solid Signal was there and we offered the HR20 right from the start. Even back then, we were the source for news and information about DIRECTV. Don’t believe me? Check out our pre-order page, preserved for all time by the folks at the internet archive. The design of our site has changed somewhat, but the quality is still baked in.

As we roll on through the HR20’s ten-year anniversary, we’ll be doing all sorts of special events… keep a lookout!

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