REMINDER: You can’t use a Genie with a round dish (or portable dish)

Don’t take your Genie DVR on the road, unless you have a dish that can work with it. Most mobile and marine dishes mimic the round DIRECTV dish seen on homes in the 1990s, not the slimline style seen today. Genies just won’t work with that style dish unfortunately.

It was about a year ago that DIRECTV changed their installation screens so that you couldn’t select the 18″ round dish when setting up a Genie DVR. They did it as part of an overall upgrade that allows Genie DVRs to detect and set their dish types automatically, and to cut down on customer service calls. Since the round dish can only get standard definition programming anyway (with a very small number of exceptions) it didn’t seem like a good fit for the Genie.

What dishes actually work with the Genie DVR?
There are several choices actually. Unfortunately none of those “set it and walk away” domes from Winegard and King will work with a Genie, but this stationary dish will:

DIRECTV HD SL5 Satellite Kit for Camping Rving or Tailgating With SWM Dish (RVSATKIT-DTVHD-SWM) from Solid Signal

In addition, this self-aiming dish for RVs will:

Winegard TRAV’LER Self-Aiming DIRECTV SWM Satellite Dish SL3 (SK-SWM3) from Solid Signal

And if you have a boat you can use these in-motion products, which are a bit large for an RV (although there’s nothing saying you couldn’t try to mount them)

Intellian s6HD US Ku-Ka Dual Band HD System with 60cm (23.6 inch) Dish (B3-631HD) from Solid Signal
KVH TracVision HD7 24-Inch Footprint – Truck Freight Only (01-0323-01) from Solid Signal

It all comes down to the fact that a Genie DVR needs to think it’s connected to a Slimline dish. All the dishes above mimic that kind of dish.

One last thing to remember: You can’t bring one of the little Genie clients on the road without bringing the Genie DVR. It just won’t work.

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