This remote’s been around almost 20 years. Why is it so popular?

Take a look at this remote. It’s the DIRECTV IR/RF remote, model RC66RX. It’s not identical to the RC16 remote sold in 2003, but you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference unless you had them side by side. The older RC16 remote has a little daintier buttons. You might be able to tell by looking at this old photo:

I won’t blame you if you think both remotes look the same. They act the same, too. The newer remote has codes for more devices, and that’s about all.

The amazing staying power of this remote

Officially, DIRECTV retired this remote in 2014 except for business customers. That’s when they went all in with their HR44 Genie, which came with a new remote. This model remote was only used for business customers or customers who preferred non-Genie equipment. New customers started their DIRECTV lives with the Genie remote.

That makes it all the more amazing that this remote is still here after 17 years.

One of the last “universal” remotes

While some cable TV systems claim to give you a universal remote, this remote really does let you completely control four devices. There’s an astounding number of choices from Blu-ray Disc players to Home Theater equipment. Because of its long lifespan, there are even codes for old VCRs and DVD players built in. If it was made before 2014, this remote will probably control it. That means no, it won’t control your streaming box, but that’s really about the only thing it won’t control.

This universality beats every other inexpensive remote, even DIRECTV’s own newer remotes. Those can control volume and power for some devices, but that’s about it. This remote still has the power to do with the younger generation just can’t.

It works with everything and works really well with some things

As an infrared remote, this old-school gem will control any DIRECTV receiver or DVR made since 2003. Although I don’t have current numbers, I have to imagine that’s about 99% or more of the DIRECTV devices out there today. This remote even controls the most current Genie hardware in infrared mode, and it lives happily beside DIRECTV’s newer RF-enabled remotes.

If you have an HD receiver or non-Genie DVR made between 2006 and today, you can control it in RF mode. This means you have more flexibility to put the receiver behind a wall, door, or even the TV. (This capability is built into all devices except the H25, which requires this adapter.)

This feature particularly excites bar and restaurant owners who want to put their receivers in a rack or behind a TV, but if you prefer non-Genie equipment you have to be excited for the same reason.

Solid Signal is the only place to get this remote

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