REVEALED: The LEGAL way to have DIRECTV service in two homes and pay one bill

One bill, two homes. How can it be done? Plenty of folks are lucky enough to have a second home for the summer or winter. But no one wants to have two DIRECTV bills, right? Your account is only good for your home location… one home location, period. There are exceptions for using your service in your RV, but not at a second location. If you have two locations, you’re supposed to have two accounts.

However, there are two perfectly legal ways to get around this:

Change your billing address when you move
When you get ready to go to the summer home (or winter home,) just call and have your billing and service address changed. This is perfectly valid and you can do it as many times as you need (if you do it every day or even once a week it might raise a few eyebrows though.)

This can be a bit of a hassle but it will ensure that you get your local channels wherever you are. It will also put you “in the clear” with using DIRECTV’s interactive services. That’s how they tend to get you if you’re just taking your DIRECTV equipment outside the house… if they can tell from the internet address that you’re not at home it raises red flags.

The better way: Two accounts, suspend your service.
DIRECTV will let you suspend your service for up to six months by calling them. The minimum time to suspend your service is 30 days, so it’s perfect for having a summer home or winter home. It helps you keep the accounting separate, too: You may not want to have the progamming packages be the same, and this makes it easier to manage. If you have two accounts, you can suspend four times a year if you want to.

Suspending your account is also perfect if you’re going on a long vacation, if you don’t plan on watching TV, or even if you’re trying out antenna TV to see if it’s all you need.

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