Set your DIRECTV DVR to the correct time zone if you’re in an RV

Most of the time, you don’t have to worry about this. If you’re traveling with your DIRECTV receiver, you’ll get live TV even if the clock on the receiver is wrong. If you’re setting up recordings or something, you may want to set the time zone so it’s correct.

Setting the time zone is not going to let you get local channels if you’re out of your local area… you’ll need an antenna for that. However, it may help you understand your guide better. Or, maybe you’re just the sort of person who really just needs your clocks to be right even when you travel. I respect that.

At any rate, you can’t set the actual time, but you can set the time zone. Press {MENU} then go to Settings&Help, Settings, Display, Clock. You can set the time zone and daylight saving time options, which should get your clock to be accurate.

I would just say, don’t do this unless you really feel you have to. DIRECTV’s clock setting is automatic and there really should be no need to change it constantly. It’s better that your receiver simply thinks it’s back in its home location all the time. You’ll still get recordings at the proper time even if you’re in the wrong time zone, because those national channels don’t change their schedules just because you’ve relocated.

But, if it’s something you feel you have to do… now you know how to do it.

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