Tablo updates, adds apps

Love antennas and local TV but can’t live without a DVR? I can’t blame you. One of the best options, especially for millennials, is the Tablo, which takes the signal from your antenna and streams it out to your devices. Add a hard drive and it becomes a super-powerful DVR. It’s mostly been designed for phoens and tablets, though, with limited options if you want to connect it to a TV. Luckily that’s changing, fast.

Tablo has announced the availability of new apps for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices that let you watch live TV with full DVR function through your TV, as it’s always been intended. This is a big jump for Tablo, because even though they have been available on a few streaming devices, they’ve never seemed to really focus on TV as much as mobile. No word yet on an app for AppleTV but with the improved open architecture on that box, and the easy way developers can migrate iPad apps to it, I would be expecting it soon.

There’s more coming, too — Tablo says they’ll be rolling out better scheduling and other advanced features that bring it more in line with other DVRs within the coming months.

Tablo now finds themselves in direct competition with providers like TiVo who, while providing a best-in-class experience, charge a monthly service fee, while Tablo has a single lifetime subscription fee. This is going to be a lot more attractive for cord-cutters who are trying to avoid a monthly bill, and it’s completely optional – you can use Tablo without any fees if you’re willing to give up guide data. It comes with a 30-day trial subscription so you can make up your mind.

I think when you look at all that Tablo is bringing to the television-watching experience, you’ll agree that it’s not only a solid performer but also a low-cost alternative to cable, satellite, and even other over-the-air DVRs. So what are you waiting for? Shop for Tablo now at Solid Signal!

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