The best streaming device for seniors?

Streaming video is still a fairly new technology. It’s probably not on the radar for a lot of seniors. In fact, most seniors I’ve talked to don’t really understand why they would want it. A streaming TV device doesn’t show them what they want, they don’t understand the on-demand nature of streaming, and one senior told me it “just doesn’t seem like TV.”

Yet, seniors are becoming increasingly smarter about how to spend their fixed incomes. With cable subscriptions far over $100 a month once the “teaser” period is over, it’s hard to justify. Yet, seniors remain wedded to live TV far more than any other group, and they’re looking for options.

Back to basics: the antenna

More and more seniors have discovered that the way they grew up watching TV is still an option. For these folks, they may have moved over to cable or satellite a generation (or more) ago but there’s still a fondness for the old days of watching dad adjust the aerial so you could get the latest shows.

Flash forward to the 2010s, though. Antennas are smarter, TV is digital, and it’s easier than ever to get great, free TV. Where you might have needed a big rooftop antenna to get three channels as a kid, today you can get 30 channels with a much smaller antenna that might even fit behind the TV. It’s a big improvement.

The best part of antenna TV for seniors: no monthly fee. Put up an antenna and you can watch TV as much as you want, for years at a time, without writing a single check to the cable company. Antenna TV is full of the programming seniors want, from old TV shows to daytime talk and news. It’s hard to know why you’d want anything more.

If you miss “the other stuff”

Now, today’s seniors aren’t just old fogeys. They’ve grown up with technology and for decades, they’ve gotten used to DVRs, cable channels, and lots of choice. For someone who doesn’t want to give up all of that, an antenna might not quite scratch the itch.

You might want a selection of those cable channels if you’re home all day or if you’re looking for a way to relax after a hard day of volunteer work. You might miss the idea of a DVR full of stuff you want to watch.

You might have thought that you just couldn’t afford the luxury of those things.

Enter AirTV, the best value for seniors

The AirTV player is a different kind of streaming box. I’ve been testing this device for a while and I have to say, it’s really great for seniors. Take a look at these features:

  • Easy to use remote with clear buttons
  • Friendly design and shape
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Remote finder function

The AirTV fits in with your life. It gives you all the power of any other streaming box, so if you are interested in Hulu, Netflix, HBO, or any other service, you’ll find them. More importantly, it gives you something no other streaming box gives you, at any price:

You can hook an antenna up to it.

Connect the AirTV Player to an antenna and you get a real channel guide like you’re used to with cable. You can even put in a flash drive and get DVR functions from your antenna TV, which is really awesome. If that’s all you want, there’s nothing more to pay, ever.

But you’re going to want more.

The best part of AirTV is that it also gives you the Sling television service. Sling is a streaming service that looks and acts like live TV. You get a lot of the same channels you had on cable, plus DVR if you want it and on-demand that’s all included in the price. It has a real guide so you can find your shows fast.

With Sling, you pay month-to-month on a credit card or debit card so you can control your expenses. Turn it off for a month if you’re traveling or if things get tight and you still have live TV through the antenna.

You have all the power in this relationship.

You won’t believe the price.

You can get the AirTV for a special price if you’re willing to commit to 3 months of Sling. You’ll pay about 1/3 of your monthly cable bill, as a one-time fee. The Sling service starts at $25 a month. Yes seriously $25 a month, not $125 or $250.

You’ll even get a special opportunity to save more, but I can’t tell you about that. You’ll have to ask your Solid Signal rep.

So let me lay this out to you. Your out the door cost is going to be about the same as one month of cable TV. For that you get the box, a free antenna and three months of service.

I don’t know about you, but that seems like a really awesome deal to me. If you don’t believe me… check it out at Solid Signal. You won’t find this deal anywhere else.

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