The must-have accessory for outdoor antenna mounting

Yeah, it’s not what you think it is. I mean, there are certainly other must-have accessories, but you probably don’t think of safety glasses when you think of putting an antenna up on a roof.

You should definitely have safety glasses.

Now, I’ll say that some outdoor antennas, like our Televes Dinova Boss and some of our Antop antennas, come in sleek plastic enclosures called radomes. There’s not a huge concern about eye safety with them. But, many other antennas have protruding metal parts that could cause a lot of problems if you happened to move the wrong way.

In other words…

Your mom was actually right. You could put your eye out with those things. Antennas are really not designed with eye safety in mind and that means you have to take matters into your own hands.

Practically any safety glasses will do. The 3M glasses you see at the top of this article are a really good choice, but they aren’t the only choice.  They’re just one possibility. And, while I’d love you to get them at Solid Signal, the most important thing is that you get them somewhere.

The worst case scenario

Just think about it this way. Let’s imagine for a second that you are up on your roof mounting your antenna. You turn around and BAM, there’s that antenna. It pokes you in the eye. You’re stunned. You stumble. You lose your footing. And then, the next thing you know, you fall off the roof and let’s be honest, things go downhill from there.

I mean, over-the-air television is great but it’s not worth breaking bones over, right? No one wants you to get hurt.

Get the safety equipment you need at Solid Signal…

…or if you can’t get it from us, just get it. Safety is so important when it comes to working outside. You’ll find an incredible selection of top-quality safety equipment when you shop at Solid Signal. It’s not just glasses, either. You’ll find harnesses, belts, everything that the serious installer needs to stay safe while climbing up into unfamiliar territory. We outfit the nation’s installers, and the safety gear they use is certainly going to be good for your use at home.

It’s time to take safety seriously. If you’re ready to make sure that you’re safe while installing your own home theater equipment, it’s time to go to Solid Signal for the best selection of the things you need. Please take my advice, before it’s too late.

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