The perfect cell booster for marine users?

Don’t even pretend that you leave your phone on shore when you’re on the water. We all know better. For most of us, that phone goes where we go. Period.

Why a cell booster?

Cell phones actually work very well offshore. Instead of buildings, open water lets signals travel further. Often times, cell towers are on tall buildings near shore, and that means that it’s often possible to get cell signals two or three miles offshore. On shore, it’s rare to get good signal more than a mile from a tower.

Still, there’s a limit to what you can do. If you like hanging out five miles from shore because you don’t like the crowds, you’re probably out of cell range. And, that’s just not acceptable.

How is a marine booster different from a regular vehicle booster?

All of our vehicle cell boosters work off 12 volt and should be adaptable to most marine systems easily. The real difference here is in the antenna.

Our marine antenna is covered in fiberglass and it’s weatherproofed to live longer in a harsh marine environment. The mounting solution is white, high durability plastic and specifically designed for marine mounting. The omnidirectional antenna is critical because unlike homes, your boat tends to move. A directional antenna is the wrong choice for anything that moves, and the weBoost marine omnidirectional antenna is among the best in the business.

What’s the best booster to choose?

The weBoost Drive 4G-X Marine Bundle is designed specifically for marine users. It’s based on the award-winning Drive 4G-X that’s used in RVs and the largest vehicles. The booster puts out the maximum power allowed by law, 50dB. That means the signal is amplified 100,000 times before being rebroadcast. Trust me that’s going to make a big difference for you.

Obviously a yacht is a tough place to boost signal. It’s full of wires and hard surfaces that block signals. That’s why you need a strong booster like this one.

The cell booster is designed to improve service inside the cabin. Cell boosters don’t work outdoors, so you may find that you get better service inside than you do outside!

Will this device help if there’s no service?

If you have absolutely no service it all when you’re up at the highest point on your boat, a cell booster won’t do anything for you. There has to be some signal, even if it’s weak, or the cell booster can’t do its magic. If your signal is going in and out, though, the booster will probably still work because its antenna is larger than the one in your phone. So, it should be able to perform better.

Get this booster and all the cellular products you need

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