TIP: Combine two antennas for even better reception

Are your locals coming from two different directions? Are you stuck in the middle? It’s a common problem. To solve it, put up two antennas and combine the signals!

It’s easy. All you need is:

Any two antennas.

Any combiner like this one: Winegard SP 2052 2 Way Splitter for VHF UHF FM HD 40-2050 MHz (SP-2052) from Solid Signal)

We also recommend an antenna amplifier like this one: Channel Master Titan 2 High-Gain UHF VHF TV Antenna Preamplifier (CM-7777) from Solid Signal to make sure the signal is as strong as it can be.

Another option, if you have one VHF and one UHF antenna is this Televes combination combiner and amplifier: Televes TV Antenna Pre-Amplifier Combiner 2-Input Mast-Mounted (536040) from Solid Signal

Connect the two antennas to the combiner using equal length cables. This will help avoid phase problems. Note, it is possible that both antennas could pick up the same signal and create interference that could actually make interference worse. Aim carefully to try to avoid that.

Then, run a cable to the splitter that comes with the amplifier. The power injector should go in the right side of the splitter, so power can flow though properly. Run a cable from the left side to your television.

Confused? Here’s a diagram. (Downloadable version here)

Televes Amps

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