TIP: Use Velcro Plant Ties for cheap cable management

If you’re like me you’re always moving stuff around. Cable management is very important, not just because it keeps things clean but also so you know what goes where. I used to rely on velcro straps or zip ties but both had their limitations. Velcro straps are expensive and they also are designed for larger bundles of cable. Zip ties… are a super pain to cut and re-do every time you move something around.

A few years ago I came up with a great solution while browsing through the garden section of my local big-box hardware store. Velcro makes a product specifically for training plants. It’s about $3 for a roll of 45 feet. It provides just enough “stick” for keeping cables organized and you can cut it to the length you want. If you drop one of the ties, don’t worry; they’re cheap enough that you just cut another length.

Generally these come in green so if you’re trying to color-code your cable management pick up a starter set of model paints in the toy section of your local store. These work great, or if you’re so inclined you can also use nail polish. The ties are also not as “fuzzy” as regular velcro so you can write on them easily with a permanent marker.

It’s an easy choice for organizing any cables you have in bins, too. Rather than let your spare cables twist and turn into each other, wrap them up with one of these plant ties. Remember that coaxial cable doesn’t like to be wrapped too tightly, and no cable likes to be folded or kinked, so use plenty of these to keep your cables in shape.