Still not bundling? Why not?

It’s like free money. One of the biggest benefits of AT&T coming together with DIRECTV is bundling. In the past, it was enough to have “just” a TV service or “just” a wireless service, but consumers got smart. When times got tough, they looked for a single provider that could give them multiple services. One bill, with a very attractive price for all services, can help people save money.

Of course, the first bundles were pretty poor. Time Warner Cable, for example, offered a $90 per month bundle that included TV, internet, and home phone, but with no HDTV or DVR and speeds capped at a (pathetic even for that time) 5Mbps. For a long time, bundling meant compromising.

That is, until the big dogs got into the game. DIRECTV is the largest TV entertainment provider, and combining them with one of the top three providers of internet, cell service and home phone service means a bundle that can’t be beat. And then, of course, it got better. In addition to a single bill with an attractive price, you can now stream DIRECTV entertainment on your mobile device without accruing data charges, which is a seismic shift in the entertainment landscape.

And yet, there are folks who won’t do it. Why?

Not in an AT&T coverage area
Yes, there are parts of the country where you can’t get AT&T internet. But, that’s changing. Plans are underway to cover more of the country with AT&T’s home internet. It’s happening, folks.

Worried about AT&T coverage
In the pase, AT&T’s GSM cellular technology was a challenge in some areas. Because you needed more cell towers (even though they were smaller) rural areas used to have issues with coverage. However, every provider out there is switching to LTE technology which requires the same number of towers as GSM. Cities and towns across the country are getting smart in how they license towers, and new towers are popping up all the time. While there are still bound to be some areas where one provider or another does better, the truth is AT&T provides quite a large number of people with high quality wireless voice and data, and it’s getting better all the time.

Afraid of conusion and hassles
Look, I get it. When AT&T started combining its systems with DIRECTV, a lot of stuff got confused that first week. Sadly, that’s a pretty common story in every industry. Now that it’s been a year, you just shouldn’t worry about that. It’s just not a problem, period.

So if you haven’t bundled, you need to talk to the folks at Signal Connect, our inside sales division. They can get you properly set up to save money. Give them a call at 888-233-7563 and before you know it, you’ll be saving like never before, streaming as much DIRECTV content as you want, and on top of which, paying one less bill per month. What could possibly be wrong with that?

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