Use the DASH button on your remote for ULTIMATE POWER

OK the title might be overselling things a bit. Honestly, though, that {DASH} button on your remote might be the most powerful button you’re not using. First of all let’s all get on the same page. The {DASH} button is that one to the left of the “0” and under the “7.” On the older remotes, it’s rather nicely labeled as “DASH” in little letters but the newer remotes must have been designed by people who think we know what we’re doing… they just have a big “—” on that button.

Whichever remote you’re using, check out these cool functions of the {DASH} button:

Learn more about your device.
Just watching live TV, pressing {DASH} will give you information about your receiver. You’ll get the last six digits of its ID, its friendly name, and how it’s connected. It’s a useful thing to have if you’re thinking of upgrading or if you’re experiencing some troubles.

Make your guide do tricks.
Press {DASH} while you’re looking at the guide to get a popup menu where you can filter the guide by category, go quickly to a point in the future, even search for Pay-per-view titles.

Take control over your playlist.
Most people don’t know that it’s possible to open all the folders in the playlist at the same time, or pick a bunch of programs to delete at the same time. {DASH} makes this easy with a popup menu that also gives you the power to hide playlists from other DVRs if you’re really offended by the 138 episodes of Spongebob that the kids put on the other DVR.

Tell the receiver that you’re sure.
Finally, if you do decide to restart the receiver or go back into the setup menus, you’ll be asked to press {DASH} to indicate that you really mean it. It’s all part of the service this helpful little key provides.

A lot of people complain that the DIRECTV receivers don’t allow enough customization, but if you look at what the {DASH} button brings to the table… it’s pretty impressive.

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