Use DIRECTV’s newest remote on any DIRECTV receiver or DVR!

Are you loving the new Genie Remote that came with your new 4K capable DVR? Do you love it so much that you want to use it for your older DIRECTV receivers as well? Here’s the good news: The Genie Remote will control ANY DIRECTV receiver or DVR made since 2003 (except the old pre-2011 TiVo DVRs.) So why not pick up a few extras?

Programming the Genie Remote is very easy. In fact, the instructions are built into your receiver! Here’s how to follow the steps you’ll need!

Start by pressing the {MENU} button on your remote, then arrow down to “Settings” and press {SELECT}. Press {SELECT} with “Settings&Help” highlighted.

Arrow down to “Remote Control” and press {SELECT}. Then, with “Program Remote” highlighted, press {SELECT} again.

Arrow down to “Program TV” and press {SELECT}.

Now here, find the model of your TV, highlight it and press {SELECT}.

You’ll see this screen. It will tell you to slide the switch at the top to TV. Ignore that, because there is no switch like that. The rest of the instructions work, though. Here’s what they’re telling you to do:

Then, press and hold the {MUTE} and {SELECT} buttons. You will need to do this for about 3 seconds, and then you will see the light at the top flash twice.

Using the number keys, try the first 5-digit number on the list. Press slowly and carefully. When you have entered all 5 numbers the light at the top will flash.

Now, try making the TV louder using the volume button. If it works, you are done. If not, try the next 5-digit number on the list. 

Once you find the right code, the volume and mute buttons should be programmed, and in most cases the {ON} and {OFF} buttons should work to turn the TV on and off as well. That’s all there is to it!

A quick note: The screens you see above are from a DIRECTV HD receiver. If you’re still using a standard definition receiver, the steps are slightly different but close enough that you should be able to follow the screens above.

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