Can you bundle DIRECTV Satellite and AT&T TV?

Here’s another great AT&T question that came in through your customer service team. Although, the answer was an even better question!

The reply: why would you?

AT&T TV is the live TV streaming service from AT&T. It’s designed to give people an experience just like the one they had with cable or satellite. Unlike other live TV streaming services, you get a real physical box that gives you live TV as well as popular streaming apps. You get a remote with real physical buttons that responds the way you expect it to — no fancy swiping or gesturing.

AT&T TV is designed to appeal to people who, for whatever reason, can’t get satellite service. Maybe you are renting and you can’t put holes in the walls. Maybe you don’t know if you’ll be moving in the next two years. Maybe you just want to have a pure streaming experience. Whatever the reason, AT&T TV is here for you.

On the other hand, DIRECTV satellite service gives you more channels, more sports, and virtually unlimited DVR functionality. There’s definitely value in paying more. But what if you want both?

DIRECTV satellite customers already have both

If you already have DIRECTV satellite service you already have both. With DIRECTV’s free apps for smartphones and tablets you can access more live channels than AT&T TV, plus sports packages if you pay for them. You have full DVR functionality on those live channels, and you can choose from every single program in DIRECTV’s huge on-demand library. You can even offload your content onto your mobile device and watch it anytime without using any data (even if you’re not on AT&T’s cell network.)

The only thing you’re leaving on the table as a DIRECTV satellite customer is the cloud DVR. AT&T TV records everything to the cloud so you can watch all your recordings any time. With the DIRECTV app, you either need to offload those recordings to your device ahead of time or you have to hope they are available on demand.

With DIRECTV satellite service you don’t have the ability to use a streaming box on your TV, but if you have a satellite receiver you’re already watching DIRECTV on your TV, so I’m not sure you’d need that. If your streaming device supports casting from your phone — pretty much all of them do — you can start the stream on your phone and then cast it to the streaming device. It’s an extra step but not really a big deal.

No bundle needed

The answer is simple really… there’s no need to bundle because if you have DIRECTV satellite TV, you already have it all. If you don’t have DIRECTV satellite, or even if AT&T TV seems more appealing to you, give us a call at Solid Signal! We’ll make sure that you get set up with the right service for you. We can help you with both AT&T TV and DIRECTV and we’ll make sure you’re getting the service you need. As an added bonus, you won’t have that call center hassle. You’ll get a professional in our Michigan call center who can help you with all of it! It starts with a call to 888-233-7563 or, if it’s after hours, just fill out the form below.

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