Vehicle Boosters: How they Work & Why You Might Need One

Are you a traveling businessperson? Do you and your family take frequent trips in an RV? Ever been on the road depending on your phones service or data for some critical reason rather it’s for navigation or a teenager’s entertainment? We all know that cellular reception is not flawless across the country, which can make road travel difficult for someone who needs or depends on cellular service during travel.

That’s all the reason to get a cell phone booster for your vehicle. This will help prevent these dead spots that disrupts the service of your calls, navigation, or web surfing. Wilson and zBoost have different options to help accommodate ever user possible. There are cradle boosters which are to be used with one phone because the phone is required to sit in the cradle (or very near to it) to have the signal boosted.

Got a family or multiple users? No problem! Wilson also has a great hands free multiple device boosting system to allow any passenger in your car to get the boost they need.

These kits each have an outdoor mini magnet antenna. This is to collect to weak signals outside to travel through the cable into the amplifier/cradle on the system. If the default antenna included with any kit is not enough you feel (especially if you are commonly driving through dead zones like deserts) there are additional antenna options available to ensure better signal reception in the low really tough areas.

Some people find the cradle kits to be perfect because all they need is boosting to their phone in the car. And when they are done and need it at home, you can get a home accessory kit to use it in your home as well.