We do headends!

If you have a business, and that business needs multiple televisions, you either need a headend or you want one. It’s that simple.

A headend is a rack where all the tuners for all the TVs feed into a single device that lets you run one wire to each TV. It even could let you “loop through” wire the system, making it like a Christmas tree where one wire feeds every TV in line. A headend system makes it possible for each TV to act like it’s connected to your own customized cable television system and just use the channel up and down buttons on the remote to make everything work.

You’ve seen systems like this in hotels, and maybe you weren’t impressed. Friends, hotel systems are often out of date and poorly maintained. The new headend systems from Solid Signal are custom-designed for your specific needs and are capable of delivering crystal-clear HD picture to any TV in your building.

There’s only one problem… because it’s so custom, it makes it hard to order something like that online. We do have “solution-in-a-box” systems listed, but trust me, you’ll do a lot better talking to one of the experts at Solid Signal’s business arm, Signal Connect. We have reps that specialize in solutions for every need and who are standing by (at least during business hours) to custom-design something for your business that makes sense. Our team of design engineers and technicians will get all the information they need and give you a custom quote that suits your needs, and we’ll come out and install it for you with certified technicians.

Headend systems can have as few as 2 channels or as many as 128 (even more in some cases) and can scale up if you need to add more. We have systems that are designed for antenna, satellite, cable and even accept video straight from a computer. We even have systems that can put video out over regular ethernet cable so you don’t need to rewire, just add adapters at every TV. We can help you get the programming you need too from DIRECTV or DISH and we’ll build a package that makes sense for your business.

Call our Signal Professionals today at 877.312.4547 and we’ll get the process started!