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Everyone needs better cell service. I know I’ve said this before but if you look at life today, the cell phone is the way we interact. It’s our window to every bit of information we need And yet, we often struggle with poor service. It’s not the fault of cell carriers, it’s usually due to buildings that seem designed to block signals.

For small offices and homes, a DIY-installed cellular signal booster is going to be more than enough. If you start talking about 50 people in an industrial building, you have to work harder. That’s where WilsonPRO comes in.

A serious solution for serious people.

If you’re a business owner, you need to think about a cellular signal booster. I know that probably doesn’t make sense. After all you pay your people to work, not sit on their phones. You provide them an office phone in case there’s an emergency. I’m with you, I get it. You just need to realize that the millennial generation is going to be more productive when they feel their needs are met. I think all people are like that but studies have shown over and over that millennials are driven as much by job satisfaction as they are by money and other benefits. For that reason alone you need to look at a cellular signal booster. I’m not saying your under-40 staff is going to spend all day on their phones, only that they’ll feel better knowing they won’t miss out if they do need to glance down.

Over and over, we’re seeing that the responsibility for good cell service is shifting to building owners and company owners. You wouldn’t expect to get free water or heat or internet, and you shouldn’t expect your cell carrier to provide great service indoors for you either.

What you get when you get a WilsonPro booster system

WilsonPRO systems are designed to be a step up from regular cellular boosters. They are designed with industry in mind and that’s a good thing. Most cell boosters will top out at about 8 simultaneous users, where a WilsonPRO system could support unlimited users depending on the configuration. The output power is higher than most consumer-grade boosters as well, meaning that they do actually cover a greater area. That greater output power means more flexibility in installing too, because you’ll be able to add multiple antennas without sacrificing usability. Put those antennas where you need them and you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

A WilsonPRO system from Solid Signal

You’ll find a wide selection of WilsonPRO products at Solid Signal, but many of them say “call for a quote.” Why is that? WilsonPRO systems are designed for professional installation. Rather than just picking the one you think you need, you get free configuration advice when you call Solid Signal. We’re WilsonPRO certified and can help you get the most out of your sizable investment. We recommend that you hire a professional to install these boosters so they can measure the cell service in your building and then put everything where it needs to be.

It starts with a call… 888-233-7563 is the place to be!



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