What is the best option for marine entertainment?

Ah, summertime on the water. There’s nothing like it. Days spent in the fresh air, sunsets over the ocean. But this is 2018. We don’t like disconnecting for very long, even when we’re enjoying ourselves. Good news— you don’t have to be! With products from Solid Signal, you can enjoy life on the water without giving up any of the benefits of being on land.

Are your electronic entertainment options limited?

Truth is, there are some limitations to what you can do on the water, especially on smaller craft. If you’re taking a dinghy out 10 miles — and I don’t recommend that, obviously — you’ll run into trouble. All of the options I’m recommending require that your boat be big enough to mount equipment on, and that there be electrical power. That’s not a really high bar to reach, though.

TV Antennas

This actually might be your best bet for electronic entertainment. With a TV antenna in place, you can generally get free broadcasts from up to 80 miles away. While there isn’t really a marine-rated TV antenna, all outdoor antennas provide some level of protection against the elements. Some, like this Televes DigiNova, look right at home on a boat and are already clad in protective plastic. Really though any TV antenna designed for outdoor use is going to work for you.

A TV antenna should be mounted high up to avoid any other items on your boat and you may need to orient the boat (or rotate the antenna) so it’s pointing toward the closest city. TV antennas will work as long as the boat is moving slower than 15 miles per hour.

With an over-the-air TV antenna, you’ll find that there are up to 100 channels of live entertainment available from the closest city and that’s going to include all of your major networks. There’s no charge for over-the-air live TV!

Satellite Television

Satellite television is a great option for most boats and there’s coverage for up to 50 miles from shore. Coverage can depend, of course, since the satellites are really designed to cover the continental US and not the water. However, our Solid Signal team can help you get a good idea what you’ll get no matter where you are.

With satellite TV for boats, you put a dome-shaped antenna up and it tracks the satellites in real time even while you’re moving. Satellite TV can deliver hundreds or even thousands of channels in stunning high definition. In some cases you’ll get local channels and in others you may need a special waiver. Luckily your friends at Solid Signal are experts at helping make that happen.

Cell Phone Coverage

Cell signal offshore? But of course? With solutions from Shakespeare, one of the most respected names in marine electronics, you can get cell service from 5-7 miles offshore, sometimes more depending on weather conditions. That’s enough distance to feel like you’re really all alone in the world and still answer every email and tweet that comes your way. With an unlimited data plan from AT&T or another provider, you can get all the video entertainment you want, too!

Here’s how you make it happen

It starts with a call to 888-233-7563. We have marine experts who can help you figure out exactly what you need and can even arrange for installation. Sure, it may seem like your local boat shop has the edge, but they know about boats. When it comes to electronics and entertainment, they may not have all the knowledge required. We are the absolute leader in marine entertainment products and when you call, you’ll get a representative who will take care of you from beginning to end and even be available for tech calls if you need them!

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