What’s the strangest place you can get DIRECTV service?

When they say “DIRECTV Everywhere…”

Sure, everyone knows you can get DIRECTV at home, or at a bar. That’s pretty easy. You might even know you can get DIRECTV at a hotel. Points for that, but did you know there are a lot of places you can get DIRECTV service? In fact, if you’re in the continental US or even up to 50 miles offshore you can probably get DIRECTV there. Maybe you didn’t consider:

Cruise ships: Every cruise ship needs satellite TV because they can’t get local channels. The whole cruise industry seems to constantly need propping up, you know every time someone gets sick on a cruise or a ship runs aground.

Oil Rigs: Oil rigs are perfect for satelllite TV. They’re usually just far enough offshore that they can’t get over-the-air TV and yet there’s a bunch of folks living there and they have to do something in the evenings.

Desert hideouts: Look, no judgments here. There are a lot of perfectly legitimate reasons someone would live in a trailer in the middle of the desert; some of them don’t even sound remotely like they belong in a Tarantino film. But if you’re far from civilization, you don’t need to miss out on entertainment. DIRECTV works great in the desert because there’s a clear view of the sky.

But, you know, there are a lot of places you can get DIRECTV that aren’t quite so remote. Think of tire shops or anywhere else that people wait. You don’t want to sit there with a 1995-era TV and crummy cable service, right? You want to wait in style. I mean hospital waiting rooms, that sort of thing too.

And it doesn’t stop there. DIRECTV in the office lunchroom? You bet. DIRECTV in the boss’s office? No problem. What about schools? There are actually special programs to help offset the costs for school districts.

There’s even a whole division of DIRECTV”s operations dedicated to “institutional” installations. I’m talking hospitals, I’m talking nursing homes, I’m even talking prisons. Yes, prisons. Because people may be paying a debt to society but that doesn’t mean they don’t get to watch Dr. Phil. Seriously, TV privileges are a real disciplinary tool for prisons. Or so they tell me.

Government installations are perfect for satellite since there are often all sorts of rules as to what kind of wires can come into secure government facilities. Plain cable TV doesn’t pass the test, but satellite does because there’s no wired connection to the outside world. Something to think about.

Bottom line… if you don’t have DIRECTV where you live or work, and you’re anywhere in the US or right offshore, my friend you need to be thinking about getting it. I’m not going to go through the details of what makes DIRECTV so awesome, you already know that. But if you never thought you could get satellite TV, chances are you’re wrong. Even if you’re on top of Mt. Denali or in the middle of the Everglades.

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