Only Murders in the Building Gets 2nd Season!

Last week, I celebrated my 51st birthday. This week, I’m blogging about our generation’s Murder She Wrote.

I guess this is what it comes down to when you reach a “certain age.” You live for shows such as Only Murders in the Building. Well, I’m excited to announce that Hulu’s multi-generational hit show has been renewed for a second season. This news comes just five episodes into its first season. Wow! It’s almost like a streaming service can create a show for adults that gets watched. Well, I’m sure the addition of the lovely Selena Gomez has something to do with that, but I digress…

Let’s Talk about Only Murders in the Building

If you don’t have Hulu, you might not even know about this show. It stars the likely pairing of Steve Martin and Martin Short. They’re joined by an almost ill-placed Selena Gomez. I say “ill-placed” because you have to wonder why a lovely young lady is doing hanging around those schmucks. The TV show’s trailer explains how this trio comes together but I can’t share it here due to adult language. (We’re not that kind of blog.) If you’re interested like I know you are, you can check it out YouTube.

This Has the Makings of Great TV

As previously stated, Only Murders boasts three strong leads in Gomez, Martin, and Short. The creative team behind it is a two-punch combo of star-power and show-power. The show is co-created by Steve Martin, Dan Fogelman (This Is Us), and John Hoffman (Grace & Frankie). The show was the most-watched Hulu original comedy on its premier day. It also was the most-watched premiere-day comedy across all SVOD titles ever on the platform.

With All This Success…

It’s no wonder Hulu gave Only Murders the season two greenlight halfway through its first. As of this writing, we’re five episodes deep into the show’s 10-episode run. There are five more to go. There’s no telling how long we’ll have to wait for the second season to be finished and available. These things tend to move a bit more slowly now that the world has changed. I’d tell you but you already know what I’m referring to. (Plus, we’re not that kind of blog.) Let’s just hope it gets here as quickly as possible, all things considered.

OMG! Did it Just Happen?

Did I become a fan of “old folks TV”? I think so. I once made a crack to Stuart about shows such as Murder She Wrote and Matlock. Both shows featured plucky seniors solving murders, outside and inside the courtroom, respectively. Back in the day, I called this “old folks TV” because my grandparents watched these shows. Ironically, I was discussing Stuart’s hilarious Matlock blog post with him a couple weeks ago. After I made a crack, he said, “Before you know it, you’ll be watching your own version of old ‘old folks shows.’” Touche, Stuart! You got me there. I don’t even have a comeback for that one… yet.

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