When will the new DIRECTV logo start showing up on receivers (2021 edition)

It seems like just a little while ago I was writing this article. Back then, it was the AT&T globe that was starting to appear on receivers. Today, the question is when that globe will disappear. I didn’t expect the questions to come so quickly, but I’ve started hearing a lot of chatter from customers about it.

Moving away from AT&T

AT&T is a master of branding. At one point, their logo was recognizable to more people than most national or religious imagery. The latest version of their globe is a take on the original 1980s version, just a little more modern for a much more modern age. Still, as recognizable as it is, it’s hard to say that it’s beloved. I guess that’s why there are so many people who want to see the DIRECTV logo return.

What it’s going to take

DIRECTV engineers made the change to the receiver software in record time. Depending on how you count it, they rolled over a new logo in under a month. Changing the hardware will take a little longer.

Realistically the remotes will probably be the first to change. These are consumable items that are frequently replaced, so they are in constant production. Also, the logo is silk-screened on meaning that a change can be quick and inexpensive.

However, it’s going to take a while for the receivers and DVRs. In the case of the HR54 and Genie 2 systems, the DIRECTV logo is embossed into the case mold. That means there will have to be a new mold made in order to have a new logo. This is probably not the biggest priority for DIRECTV right now. Also, those devices have long production runs with long pauses in between. When there needs to be a new production run, we’ll see the new logo. Realistically that could be some time.

In the case of the client boxes, these could be changed quickly since again it’s just silk screening. However, there are a lot of these boxes out there and they are very reliable. There are still a lot of boxes out there with the pre-DIRECTV logo that still look like this:

These boxes have the old logo embossed on the top as well as a light-up version of the old logo as the power button. There are still millions of these in service.

How can you know for sure that you’ll get one with the new logo?

Well, I think that you’re not likely to see one with the new logo for at least a year. That shouldn’t stop you from upgrading now. Remember folks these are just boxes, and the software in them is what makes them work well. In many cases they’re going to be hidden anyway, so the logo is not that big of an issue. Still, when you’re ready to make that move, I hope you’ll shop at Solid Signal for the best in DIRECTV receivers. You can also find everything you’ll need to help you live your best digital life!

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