New AT&T/DIRECTV logo now appearing on receivers

You knew it had to happen. Over a year ago, DIRECTV moved away from its much-loved “cyclone” logo to a new logo (shown above) that features the AT&T globe. The software was updated as well and you probably see that logo on your TV screen. Now, the next step: we’re starting to see the globe logo on hardware as well.

The new hardware is exactly the same on the inside but the DIRECTV logo has been removed from the power button on the new generation receivers and replaced with a generic icon. The globe logo now appears on the right.

If the hardware you get from Solid Signal doesn’t have the new logo yet, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. This is what’s called a “rolling upgrade–” and the only thing that’s changing is the front panel. There is no difference in features or functions. For my part, I’m actually more of a fan of the old cyclone anyway, and I’m just fine seeing it on my hardware.

For those who are curious, these are photoshop renders of the new hardware:

HR54 Genie DVR

Genie Mini Client (HD)

Genie 4K Mini Client

Genie Remote

Slimline Dish

As I said, there’s no difference on the inside, only the logo is different.

This is a trend you’re going to see more and more. There have already been some new hardware displays with the DIRECTV logo and I expect by the end of 2017 most of the stuff coming down the pipe will carry the new logo. The only receivers left with the old logo will be the old H24, HR24, and H25, which are not being upgraded because DIRECTV’s Genie system is considered the standard for all customers now and the H24/H25/HR24 are only used for replacements and for commercial/industrial customers.

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