What does the “X” mean on the DIRECTV remote?

Not that you really care about model numbers, but maybe if you are bored on a Friday afternoon and nothing’s on, you might find yourself staring at the remote and its big, bright model number and wondering about it.

RC. That makes sense, it’s a Remote Control. 65 (or maybe yours says 64, or 66…) that’s a model number, and model numbers change. But what about the X?

The X means it supports XMP, which is DIRECTV’s system for letting your remote program itself. Program itself? That’s right. If you have an HR24, H24, or later receiver or DVR, the receiver will send codes to the remote to program it to work your TV or audio receiver. We’ve created a helpful guide to make this easy.

By the way if you have an RC71 Genie Remote, it’s also self-programming if you have an HR44 Genie or Genie Mini Client but for some reason they didn’t call it the RC71X.

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