Your Smart Meter Might Be Wasting Your Money!


Do you have a smart meter on your home? There’s a good chance that this device is overcharging you… and your power company doesn’t care!

Many claim their electric bills skyrocketed after getting a smart meter. Needless to say, the energy companies remain skeptical. They dismiss criticisms of their technology. This makes it hard for overcharged residents to find justice. If you think your smart meter is over-billing you, Solid Signal has ways that help you fight back. We also share some tips to help everyone lower their power bills.

When Your Smart Meter Turns Against You

Right now, smart meter data is at the center of a debate. Many homeowners are reporting huge increases in their electric bills. These folks insist that they haven’t increased their power use. The utility companies says that people are using more power during cold winters. This makes it difficult for homeowners to resolve these situations in their favor. Some just give up and continue to pay the huge bills, but others look for ways to fight… and restore balance to their budget.

Where to Take Smart Meter Complaints

If you’re going up against your local energy company, you have to become your own smart meter watchdog. In most cases, the utility company won’t believe you when you tell them that they charged you double (or more). Most consumers who argue this point are not able to get the power company to make things right. You should still try, though. To help you, here are five steps for addressing utility smart meter overcharges:

  1. Document past electrical usage. It’s best to have last year’s power bill from the same month to help illustrate the vast difference in bills.
  2. Call, email and write letters to your utility company. Be sure to include copies of this and last year’s bill to show the difference.
  3. If you get the run-around, ask your utility company for an energy audit to demonstrate how the smart meter inaccurately measures your actual usage.
  4. You could get an electrician to help trace the source of your high bills to the smart meter.
  5. If all this fails, take your evidence to your local media. Most newspapers, radio, and TV stations focus on consumer issues. Sometimes, a little negative publicity can motivate these energy providers into doing the right thing.
  6. Contact your local representatives and present your case to them. Lawmakers and public officials need to know what’s going on in their districts and intervene on the public’s behalf.

Again, there is no guarantee that any of these tactics will get the utility company to lower your bill. One thing is for sure though: if you don’t do anything, you’ll be stuck paying way too much for your electricity. That makes taking the time to do something about it worth your time, doesn’t it?

Are Smart Meters a Con?

The truth is, there’s no conclusive way to say “yes” or “no” to this question. Much of the case for and against smart meters is anecdotal. Homeowners say that didn’t use that much power while utility companies say the opposite. It’s a classic he said/she said scenario. Unfortunately, citizens bear the burden of proof in these cases. The power company doesn’t have to prove anything. Your best chance at changing this dynamic is appealing to the media and local lawmakers.

Reducing Utility Costs in the Age of Smart Meters

Saving money on energy costs is for everyone, whether you have a smart meter or not. One easy way to do this is to read the electric usage amount on the tag or sticker of each appliance. For example, 1600W devices use a lot more energy than 150W appliances. Cut down on the use of these high-energy users and unplug them when they’re not in use. Some devices provide numbers that need some multiplications. For example, an appliance that reads 120V and 12.OA on the means that it’s a 1440-watt device. In other words, it’s an energy hog. Use it sparingly.

Save Energy and Money With Solid Signal

We offer a variety of products to help you conserve energy and money. Rather than have you search for these items in our online inventory, we’ll them front and center for you to see. This will help you find what you need to help you conserve both energy and your earnings. Here’s what Solid Signal has to help you cut down your electrical bill:

  • The Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor: Want a quick and easy way to see which appliances are energy hogs and which ones aren’t? Then you need this device. Just plug the Kill-A-Watt meter into a wall outlet, then plug your appliances in to the monitor. The unit measures each appliance’s energy consumption by kilowatt-hour. (This is what your local utility company does.) This is the easiest way to determine which devices are energy hogs and should be unplugged when not in use.
  • 45 LED Solar Light with Motion Sensor: An outdoor light provides added safety and security around your home. Too bad these devices can cost a lot to leave lit throughout the night. This 45 LED solar light steps in to solve this dilemma. Easily place this light anywhere you want to be lit. (There’s no wiring to worry about.) During the day, the solar panel absorbs energy from the sun. This lets your light will run for 12 hours throughout the evening. It also features a motion sensor and other exciting features. This light is perfect if you want an outdoor light without the high electrical costs.
  • 15W 5V Portable Solar Charger: These days, it seems like everyone has cellphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Using a wall outlet to power the batteries for these devices can quickly drain your savings. This is especially true if you have a family of cellphone users. This portable solar charger uses the power of the sun to charge your USB devices. It’s great when your biking, hiking, or camping, and you also can use it at home. If you’re concerned about your electrical bills, this solar charger offers one way to cut those costs.

Good Luck Against Your Local Utility Company!

If you’re suffering from smart meter faults, our heart goes out to you. Whether this is a comfort or not, you’re not alone. The complaints about these new smart meters continue across the country. If you it’s overcharging you, follow the six steps we’ve provided above. You also should look into every possibly way to cut your existing electrical costs. We’d rather see you keep more of the money you earn instead of handing it over to your local utility provider.

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