How Wireless Charging Works

In this episode Solid Signal TV takes a detailed look at wireless charging / inductive charging. This episode also contains interviews from CES with Powermat, Fulton and Casemate. See whats new in wireless charging. https://youtube.com/watch?v=n_iHu1TRsYg

Retro-Bit Firecore Genesis

The fire still burns! The Firecore classic console for the Sega Genesis not only plays most of your old Genesis cartridges, but is also jam packed with 20 licensed Sega games. Product Features * 2…

Fils flexible speaker film

Solid Signal TV stopped off at the Fils booth at CES to witness the Fils clear, flexible, speaker. This speaker film can be used in clothing, as a shower curtain, anything! Fils is a South…

Powermat – X1 and Powerpack

Solid Signal TV visits the Powermat booth at CES 2010 to take a look at a few new products. First the the Powermat 1X portable wireless charger. Second is the Powermat Powerpack, which replaces your…

RCA Airnergy

Solid Signal TV takes a look at RCA’s exciting new WiFi Energy Harvister, capiable of charging you cell phone using WiFi signals! Stay tuned for more CES coverage.

Dish Network – TV Anywhere Adaptor

Solid Signal TV takes a look at the Dish Network TV Anywhere Adapter for the HD Duo DVR VIP 722k. The TV Anywhere Adapter enables Sling Box capabilities to your existing HD Duo DVR.

Terk Antenna Vase

Solid Signal TV takes a look at the Terk Antenna Vase at CES 2010. The Terk Antenna Vase is an HD antenna disguised as a vase,It can even hold water! Stay tuned for more CES…