2007 Marked ‘Year of the Woman’ for Consumer Electronics Inquiries

For the first time in Solid Signal’s five-year history, a majority – some 55 percent – of calls received by the consumer electronics e-tailer came from women.

Solid Signal specializes in products geared towards helping consumers get the best possible reception on their personal electronics. More and more women are buying high-definition TVs, satellite systems, cell phones, GPS systems, antennas and other new technology. They want to ensure that they get the reception they need, so they turn to Solid Signal for questions.

Solid Signals reports that women seem to prefer personal dialog to e-mail communication. This year’s telephone call stats are validation of that preference.

Many factors play into the rise in women on the consumer electronics customer service scene. Many of the latest consumer electronics products have become more mainstream, and more accessible in recent years. This accessibility helps break down the intimidation in the female market, and empowers them to engage in personal dialog to get the help they need.

In response to the shift to female callers, Solid Signal recognized quickly that they needed to staff differently to handle this demographic. Female callers seem to like dialog and personalized help. They typically aren’t afraid to ask a lot of questions. As a result, call center employees carefully are chosen for their ability to engage in this type of dialog and offer the step-by-step solutions sought after by women.

It has been part of Solid Signal’s mission, from the start, to help customers to find products, solve problems and enhance technology.

Solid Signal was founded in 2002 to help customers find new solutions to enhance technology. The company offers satellite, outdoor antenna, consumer electronics and commercial media. It sells thousands of products to help distribute high quality, digital audio and video to a variety of media outlets.

Solid Signal provides advice for product selection, installation and troubleshooting to enhance customers’ experiences. It is a CEDIA member, allowing the company to better serve professional media installers. Solid Signal was named to the 2007 Inc. 500 List as one of America’s fastest-growing retailers. It also is an Internet Retailer Top 500 retailer.

For more information, visit www.solidsignal.com or call 1.866.374.4625

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