2015 Predictions: The year in cellular

This will be the year cell boosters go mainstream. It’s my biggest and least risky prediction so far. The big problem with cell boosters in 2014 was that we didn’t have inventory… because of some hangups with the government shutdown and the standard operating procedures of the FCC. That’s all past us now, and the way I see it 2015 will break all existing sales records for cell boosters.

Why? Here’s the raw data for you folks: more than 80% of cell phone users have problems with reception. It’s not surprising; just going inside can cut a cell signal’s power by 90%. Cell phones are THE dominant way we communicate now and simple physics is the problem. Luckily, cell boosters are the solution.

Here’s another bit of data: Only 5% of people are aware of cell boosters and the fact that they actually work. Of course you, the Solid Signal Blog faithful, are within that 5%, but are your friends and neighbors? Probably not. I’ll tell you that among my neighbors, I’ve convinced every single one of them because I have reception in my home and none of them did until they put in a system like mine. This is the year that awareness number is going to change. Every major carrier now agrees that cell boosters can’t hurt their networks when used properly, and while you’ll see them in mainstream stores in the next 12 months, only Solid Signal comes to you with close to a decade of experience providing solutions for large and small buildings.

I think by December of 2015, there will be a lot more awareness of cell booster technology. You’ll see them installed in new homes by default and more and more people will take advantage of the easy-to-install systems we’re going to see in the coming year. Not only that, I think boosters for 4G/LTE will be even more powerful and less expensive in the coming year, which will make a big difference to people who choose not to use wired internet.

2014 saw all-new lines from Wilson, zBoost, Surecall, and the completely new Cel-Fi totally wireless booster. This year I predict that it will get easier than ever to choose the right booster for home, car, or office, and choosing the accessories you need will be a no-brainer, at least so long as you call Solid Signal and let our qualified techs help you out. If you have to leave it to the guys in the blue shirts… well I make a point of trying not to trash the competition 

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Stuart Sweet
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