3 Distance Learning Items for School-Aged Kids

Attention parents! Solid Signal has what your kids need for distance learning!

The annual phrase “back to school” has taken on a whole new meaning these days. Recent events have put a greater emphasis on distance learning. Many school districts have opted to keep kids home this fall while others have opted for a “hybrid learning.” Either way, there’s a good chance your kids will be learning from home at least a few days each week. Because of this, Solid Signal carries these three back to school supplies for your child or children.

1. gotW3 Hotspot/Wi-Fi Router Combo

If your kids are distance learning, they’re going to need a solid internet connection. Yes, you might already have that in your home, but you don’t know if it’s strong enough to handle the demands of distance learning. Hint: Right before your child is about to log into class is a BAD time to find out you can’t! We have something that can help keep your kid in his or her virtual classroom.

gotW3 is a hotspot/Wi-Fi router combo that uses 4G LTE cellular data. In other words, it’s a device that turns cellular signals into Wi-Fi signal, and broadcasts it through your home. With one of these devices and a wireless plan from AT&T and T-Mobile, your child will get up to 300GB/month up to 70 Mbps. gotW3 also has no contracts and works right out of the box, which makes it the perfect distance learning solution.

2. Stand-up, Sit-Down Desks from Mount It

Sitting at a desk is a huge part of learning from home. Unlike the desks at school, parents have a choice in what their kids use at home. We all know that sitting at a desk all day can lead to back pain, even in youngsters. If your kid will be distance learning in September, Solid Signal recommends parents invest in a Mount-It standing desk.

These sit-stand desk converters feature a particleboard platform(s) mounted onto a metal rack system. These units can be raised and lowered simply by squeezing two built-in handles to raise the platform to the desired height. This allows your kids to work sitting down and standing up whenever they want to. Shop our selection of sit-stand desks to find the one with the height and weight requirements you need.

3. PYLE Professional Wireless Headphones with Microphone

Online meetings are a huge part of learning from home these days. You already know this if you’ve been working from home while your kids are distance learning. This can sometimes create a lot of cross noise inside the house, especially if you’re on a Zoom meeting while your children are doing school. Solid Signal carries the perfect device to help cut down on all the noise.

This PYLE wireless headphone system lets you listen to anything without disturbing others. Your kids can hook it up to their computer, iPod, or iPhone and get superior hi-fi sound. It even has a microphone so they can interact with teachers and classmates. And, because it’s wireless, they’re not tethered to any specific area. Just hook this into any device with a 3.5mm output to enjoy private, high-quality sound.

The Great Thing About These Distance Learning Tools…

…You can also use them if you’re working from home! Think about it. You also need a solid Wi-Fi connection, relief from back pain, and the ability to listen in without disturbing everyone else in the house. That makes each of these products essential for your work from home success. And the great thing about the gotW3 is that you and your kids can share the benefits that just one of these awesome units provides!

Back to School Supplies from Solid Signal

You need them, we carry them in our well-stocked online inventory. It really is as simple as that. Do you have any questions about these or any other product we sell? It’s easy to get the answers you need. Just give us a call at 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us. A member of our US-based customer support team will contact you right away!

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