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The phones here at Solid Signal are always ringing off the hooks, especially on Mondays. Our talented and knowledgeable customer service reps are flooded with calls from people who have questions. (To be fair, we get a lot of calls during the other days of the week.) There are so many people with questions about the products and services we provide. The blog team waited for a lull in the calls to ask our customer service experts what are the top three questions our customers are asking. Crista Ammerman was the first to respond. Here’s what they said are the three most commonly-asked questions from you, our valued customers:

1. “Here’s My Zip Code. What Antenna Do I Need?”

If only Crista had an easy answer for this question! It’s true that Solid Signal offers a free antenna recommendation service, but our reps need a little more than your zip code to give you an answer. Crista explained, “I usually ask them for a service address because that will let me give them a more accurate reading. I also ask if they plan to put the antenna outdoors, if they plan to use splitters, and a few more questions.” The answers to these questions factor into every antenna and equipment recommendation Crista shares.

Nearly all of Crista’s antenna recommendations are different based on the many factors that go into choosing a TV antenna. She added, “For one house, I might recommend a long-range outdoor antenna while I might suggest another customer get a smaller omnidirectional antenna. It all depends on the many factors that we consider before making a recommendation.” Those factors include obstructions between the antenna and the towers, whether an amplifier is needed, and much more.

2. “I’m upgrading to DIRECTV SWM. What All Goes into That?”

DIRECTV equipment is built to last. The upsides of this are too numerous to mention here. The only real downside, if you could even call it that, is that the dishes often outlast the technology behind them. As a result, people often want to upgrade their existing satellite TV system, usually to the popular DIRECTV SWM. This is a question that we often get when the phone at his desk rings.

A rep said, “The first thing I ask clients is what kind of satellite dish and LNB they have. Then I usually explain their options.” Those options include replacing the LNB with one that’s SWM-capable, or installing a multiswitch that converts to SWM. “We also discuss the number of receivers they have to determine what type of splitter they’ll need,” Christopher added. The answers to these and other questions helps him and other reps direct customers to the right products.

Upgrading to DIRECTV SWM is a process. Our customer service team goes over every detail with each customer. “They’re usually very pleased with all the help we give them,” Christopher commented. “They always say things like, ‘You’ve been so helpful. What’s your name and extension?’” Christopher added that he’s happy to provide customers with this information because he enjoys helping them whenever he can.

3. “What Do I Need for 4K?”

This question edges in just behind the SWM upgrade and it’s easy to see why. DIRECTV’s 4K offers the cleanest and clearest video and audio reception in the business. Nothing else even comes close. The satellite TV provider offers several programs in 4K, although it’s mostly used to televise sporting events. The action is so realistic that it sometimes feels like you can jump into the screen and play alongside your favorite team.

Because 4K is so awesome, many people want to upgrade to add it to their DIRECTV programming. When you want to do this, you’ll need to get the right equipment. The team prepares customers by telling them everything they’ll need to enjoy 4K programming. They’ll need a reverse band LNB, an HR54 or HS17 receiver, and a C61k client. They’re very happy to have someone to help them by explaining the process for purchasing DIRECTV equipment.

Are you ready to upgrade to 4K resolution? Solid Signal can get you the equipment you need. We do more than that, though. “After you place your order, you’ll get an email from us that asked you to contact us. This is to verify that you’re a DIRECTV account holder.” One this is done, you’ll get an email from us that asks you to call us for your free DIRECTV activation. “Our reps can usually take care of that in five to 10 minutes,” Christopher added.

More Answers Than You Can Imagine

What you have above are three examples of our “most frequently-asked questions.” It’s more than that, though… a lot more. What you’ve just read are three great examples of the type of world-class customer service that we offer every day. It’s personalized, tech-forward, and customer-friendly. Best of all, it’s just a phone call or email away. You’ll also find plenty of answers right here on the Solid Signal blog:

It’s nearly statistically impossible to not find the answer you’re looking for in all that. In the rare case that you overlooked something, you can always post your question to the Support from Solid Signal Facebook page. Our technical expert Stuart Sweet will be happy to give you the answers you need. So, as you can see, we couple our experienced technical knowhow with an unquenchable passion for customer service. Which reminds me…

…I Need to Make One Thing Clear

The three questions we highlighted are some of the most popular ones our customer service reps are asked. These are not the ONLY questions they answer. Our team takes calls dealing with a huge variety of TV antennas, satellite TV, and other electronics equipment. Our customer services reps will give you the correct information you need about these things. Want to try us out? Give us a call at 888-233-7563, of fill out the form below then click “submit.”

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