TIP: Reboot your DIRECTV receiver twice in 30 minutes to clear out the cobwebs

DIRECTV receiver acting strange? If you’re getting weird results such as recordings not always picking up the first time (you know, like when Last Week Tonight is on and it doesn’t pick up the first airing, it records the second one), or if some channels are showing “Title Not Available” in the guide, there’s a simple solution, and it doesn’t take much effort at all, just about 1/2 hour of your time.

Find the receiver’s reset button… usually it’s located behind a fold-out door on the front right, but on some receivers it could be on the right side fully exposed. It’s a little red button. Push it, and wait ten minutes. Then push it again, and wait ten minutes.

This simple action clears out all your receiver’s stored guide data. Sometimes things get a little messed up in there, and while a new software download usually clears things out for you automatically, those don’t come around very often. When your receiver boots up it should have about 6-8 hours of guide data, and very quickly pull down the rest so that within 24 hours you should have a full guide. It should always be far enough ahead that it won’t miss a recording.

It’s a simple step, but with very little effort it has the potential to fix a lot of little problems.