7 Places to Use This Hidden Camera Detector

Have you ever got that feeling that someone was watching you? Now you can prove it with this hidden camera detector and bug detector from Mini Gadgets.

“Hidden cameras? Ha! No one uses those.” While it might feel comforting to say such things, it’s not true. Cases of cameras being hidden in a variety of uncompromising places regularly make the headlines. Just do a Google search for “hidden cameras” to read the stories. Because some people engage in this behavior, Solid Signal carries this Mini Gadgets hidden camera detector.

Introducing: Hidden Camera Detector

This hidden camera detector is some serious spy gear. First of all, it’s very small and lightweight, making it perfect for sweeping rooms undetected. And speaking of detecting, this device will find alive and dead cameras, both wired and wireless. It also operates as a wide band RF bug detector for VHF, UHF, WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM bugs, as well as those in the 50MHz-6GHz range. Get all the tech specs for this hidden camera detector on the Solid Signal website.

How This Hidden Camera Detector Works

We know you’re wondering so we’re happy to tell you. The way it finds hidden cameras depends on which mode you choose: RF detection or lens finder. In the lens finder mode, you look through the detector’s red lens to easily see the transmission light from hidden camera. There’s also a vibration mode and included earphones to prevent others from hearing this device detect its targets.

Yes, this hidden camera detector sounds great, but everyone always has the same question. “Where would I use it?” The short answer is anywhere where privacy is assumed, but can also be compromised. Admittedly, that’s a fairly long list of places, so here are some places where people might place a hidden camera:

  1. Hotel/motel rooms
  2. Tanning salons
  3. Public/private bathrooms
  4. Dressing rooms
  5. Bedrooms
  6. Homes
  7. Business
  8. And many other places

A Word of Caution to Would-Be Sleuths

Finding a hidden camera in a business doesn’t automatically mean the owner is guilty. Sometimes, it’s a rogue employee or sub-contractor who hides these cameras inside rooms of various businesses. For example, there have been cases of this happening at some tanning salons for example. Sometimes it has been the owner, other times it’s not.

So, what should you do if you use this device to find a hidden camera inside a business? What you shouldn’t do is confront the business owner. This could cause him or her a certain amount of embarrassment if they’re not guilty. If they are responsible, a confrontation could buy them enough time to dispose of the evidence. The best thing to do is quietly leave the business and contact the local police.

Lastly, we must share a word from our attorneys. First and foremost, searching for hidden cameras and bugs does have some inherent risks. For example, you never know how someone might react if they catch you doing this at their business. Solid Signal assumes no responsibility for what you do with it, or what might occur after you purchase this device. In other words, we just sell it; what you do with it after that is on you!

Spy Gear Can Be Great…

…If you use responsibly. We at Solid Signal understand this. What’s more, we’re happy to serve this market by carrying a wide variety of spy tech products. If this is your thing, you’ll find a wide variety of great products. We’re talking a huge variety of hidden cameras and much more. Our selection of spy gear is just one more reason why Solid Signal is the best online electronics retailer. Give us a call or fill out this form if you have any questions.

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