A new version of DIRECTV’s H24 receiver?

Recently, there’s been a rumor floating around. It started with one Solid Signal customer who claimed to have gotten an H24 that didn’t look like the one in the photo above. This led to some pretty rampant speculation over the more sat-friendly parts of the internet. Some went so far as to say that there was a new version of the once-popular DIRECTV receiver, and that those who had the older version should upgrade.

A bit of history on the H24 receiver

DIRECTV’s H24 receiver was first released in late 2009 as a premium alternative to earlier receivers. It was considerably smaller than the previous-generation H21 and H23, and much faster. It also sported a sleek touch panel that did away with physical buttons except the power and reset buttons. As an extra added benefit, it incorporated coax networking into the receiver, removing the need for an external adapter.

The reception for the H24 was really very positive at the time. However, the H24 itself was only made for a very short time, Most H24s were made in 2010, with a small number possibly being made as late as early 2012. Every H24 receiver still in use today was made back then. That’s a testament to how well-built they are.

The H24 was replaced in the manufacturing line with the H25, which was even smaller, even more efficient, and less costly to make. Those two receivers have been the staple of DIRECTV’s standalone receiver line ever since.

A new H24?

I want to be clear here. There is no new H24. I do fully expect there to be at least one, possibly two new receivers for DIRECTV’s commercial customers in the fairly near future. But neither of them will be branded H24 and neither will look or act the same as an H24. I don’t want to be coy, I’m telling you all I can at this point.

Residential customers are not expected to get a new receiver at this point. DIRECTV’s Genie system is the default install for new customers, and it’s also been very successful with existing customers in the 11 years since it was first released. If you want to continue on with existing non-Genie receivers and DVRs, we can help. Your existing hardware will keep working, and if there’s a problem, the experts at Solid Signal can help you. There are still options available for people who want to use Genie at home and a standalone receiver in their RV or boat. You just need to work with people who know how to make it happen for you.

Where to go from here

When you call DIRECTV’s overseas call centers, they won’t be able to help you with custom installs. That’s why independent dealers like Solid Signal exist. We’re here to help customers who need a little extra service. Our technicians are located in our corporate offices outside of Detroit. All of them are fully trained and they’ll give you the kind of white-glove treatment you deserve. At the end of your call, they’ll even give you a direct number or email address if you want! Imagine that… talking to the same person twice!

It all starts with a call to 888-233-7563 during East Coast business hours. If it’s after hours, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you, usually within one business day.

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