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My friends,

This last week or so you’ve noticed this blog has been full of content about gotW3. I am sure some of you think it’s probably even a bit too much. I don’t blame you. But of course the world isn’t working the way we expected lately, and I think this product is really important. I’m doing everything I can to make sure that search engines pick up the message.

Don’t worry, things will get back to normal soon and we will go back to our regular schedule of satellite, streaming, antenna and cellular content. But in the meantime, I need your help.

It’s for the kids

All over the country, students are adapting to distance learning. They’re using their devices in a whole new way. Computers, phones, and tablets are our window onto the world now, and it’s going to be like this for a while yet. Some estimates say it could be two months or more before restrictions are lifted. For most students, that’s essentially the rest of the school year.

If you’re fortunate, and live a life that affords you high-speed internet and a computer for every child, that’s great. But what if you aren’t? What if you live somewhere rural where “fast” internet means anything over 1 megabit?

And let’s be honest, many of us are learning the meaning of a new word now: “oversubscribed.” We’re finding out that the cable company didn’t put enough internet capacity in our neighborhoods and when everyone logs on, the whole thing slows down. That’s inconvenient if you’re trying to watch Tiger King, but downright scary if you’re relying on it for your kids’ education.

This is the problem gotW3 is designed to solve…

…and that’s why I’ve been pushing it so hard. Hundreds of people have signed up in the last week so they can work from home. Hundreds more will sign up this week. But these are the people who already know about the problem and how to fix it.

That’s why I’m asking for your help.

Get the message out to school districts

Many school districts are scrambling to try to find a way for teachers and students to connect. Young teachers often can’t afford home internet, and many rural homes just aren’t equipped. I’ve heard that all over the country, school districts are using federal grant money to put “hotspots” in the hands of teachers and students. But they can’t get enough hotspots! Not only that, traditional hotspots come with data caps and they don’t cover the entire house.

Hotspots can be hard to set up, too. Often times they need activation when you get them, and this can strain school IT departments.

gotW3 solves these problems. But we have to get those school district purchasing agents to call us. We’re doing our part, but it’s not enough. If you know someone in a district purchasing office, or in a private or parochial school office, share this link with them. Let them know we can do bulk purchases and we have all the credentials we need to do government purchases. We have stock, we have experts ready to help, and when your gotW3 gets to each teacher or student, all they need to do is plug it in and connect to its Wi-Fi. It’s so easy, a child could do it. And isn’t that the point?

Let’s put it another way.

If all these words are bumming you out, here’s a video that says much the same thing. Yes, that really is me talking to you. I don’t usually show my face in videos but this is just that important.

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