An Important Announcement for Workboat Companies

If your crew brings their home DIRECTV receivers aboard your fleet, you need to see this:

We wish we didn’t have to tell workboat companies about this. Unfortunately, this practice happens on tugboats, barges, tankers, trawlers, and other commercial fishing boats. And it’s considered a crime, just so you know. Thankfully, our Signal Connect division is a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer. That means we can educate workboat companies about this and how their crews can avoid it. Let’s start with what these crimes are called…

…“Fraud” and “Misclassification”

Commercial boats can only have a commercial satellite TV account. Using a home receiver on these boats defrauds AT&T and its many content providers. Misclassification describes when someone brings their home receiver onto a commercial boat. It happens when your crewmember is watching TV on the boat while their family is watching at home. Did we mention these are federal offenses that carry heavy fines and other penalties?

There’s something else you need to know about fraud and misclassification. If your crews are doing this, they will get caught. It’s only a matter of time. AT&T has the resources to track down everyone who’s doing this. They use IP geolocation to track each time you turn on a receiver that’s connected to the ship’s satellite dome. If your crews are doing this, you need to get ahead of this before AT&T’s attorneys come calling!

Why You Should Get DIRECTV for Your Fleet

Because your crews work hard and they deserve to see their favorite shows on breaks. DIRECTV offers a huge selection of channels and specialty sports and international channels. And, the signal can be received up to 50 miles offshore. If you’re fleet works in U.S. waters, your crew should be able to watch their shows in most or all cases. And if your fleet travels rivers and lakes, including the Great Lakes, you have nothing to worry about. A commercial DIRECTV account is a great addition to any workboat company fleet.

DIRECTV for Workboats from Signal Connect

From matching you with the right DIRECTV package and equipment to activating your account, Signal Connect does it all. In fact, it’s done in eight easy steps:

We make it sound easy because it is for us. We also understand that you might have some questions about DIRECTV and the installation process. The Signal Connect reps are happy to give you the answers you’re looking for. Just give them a call at 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us. A Signal Connect rep will call you back.

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