Announcing 3 new members of the HD-BLADE family!

It’s a happy day for the HD-BLADE… the family has gone from one to four! We’re happy to announce that our original HD-BLADE now has two sisters and a brother! Let’s take a look at the whole family!

The original HD-BLADE

It’s the super-thin antenna that started it all… The HD-BLADE. It works laying down, standing up, even under a cat! It blows away the competition with VHF capability and installation options you won’t find in other indoor antennas. HD-BLADE is the perfect choice for anyone within 45 miles of the broadcast towers and is available with your choice of cable lengths.

Announcing… the HD-BLADE Amped!

Our customers demanded a better solution. They love the HD-BLADE but there are cases when you need an amplified antenna. Long cable runs, distant signals or multiple TVs call for an amplified antenna and until now, you had to choose between adding a low-quality amp to the HD-BLADE or spending a lot of money.

That’s all changed with the introduction of the HD-BLADE Amped. We’ve taken the best quality amplifier and built it right into the HD-BLADE antenna. Not only that, we’ve equipped the amp with a USB-compatible power source so that you can power it right from any TV or other device with a USB port. All you need is an inexpensive USB cable… you may even have one from an old music player or cell phone. Or, use the supplied USB power source!

This is no ordinary amplifier. We’ve included a Winegard-powered Clear Circuit amplifier for the best amplification with the lowest possible noise figure — less than 1dB! We’re sure that those folks who are looking for a powered amplifier will love the HD-BLADE Amped.

The cutest little antenna… the HD-BLADE Mini!

City dwellers on a tight budget will love the HD-BLADE Mini. We’ve taken our popular HD-BLADE, packaged it with an attached 15-foot cable and made it even smaller! What’s more… we cut the price! You’ll find the HD-BLADE Mini is the right choice for folks within 15 miles of your broadcast towers. It’s designed for UHF but may pick up stronger VHF-High signals as well.

We’ve even included a few 3M Command brand adhesive strips so apartment dwellers can attach the Mini anywhere that it will fit, without worrying about damaging walls or ceilings. We’ve thought of everything!

Indoor antenna amp? We’ve got you covered.
Don’t think you’re left out in the cold if you already have the original HD-BLADE! Solid Signal’s new Pure amplifier is available as a retrofit to the original HD-BLADE or to any indoor antenna. This is the same Clear Circuit amplifier that we include in the HD-BLADE amped, available separately! You get the amplifier, USB power supply (or hook it to any device with a USB port) and most importantly, 20dB of amplification with a 1dB noise figure. That’s one mighty powerful little amp for the money! Connect it between your existing amplifier and the television and watch the quality of your TV signal jump!

Don’t forget to visit to look at the whole HD-BLADE family of antennas. It’s never been a better time to jump into free TV, and now you have tons of choices: Pick the original HD-BLADE with your choice of cable length, the HD-BLADE Amped for the most powerful indoor experience, or the ridiculously small HD-BLADE Mini for an economical antenna that works well in the city. Or… upgrade your current antenna with the Pure amplifier, for the best possible experience!

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