Announcing the new Televes DATBOSS Mix!

Get ready for the next generation. Televes’ antennas combine high quality and clean amplification with advanced features. That means you get an antenna “like the ones they used to make…” designed to last for years but with the latest and greatest features.

Last year’s Televes antennas blew me away, but this year, the line is completely updated. The new UHF/VHF DATBOSS Mix from Televes is the successor to the DAT790 Mix. It looks very much like the older antenna, but with grey plastic instead of white. However, it’s been refined inside and out for better reception.

The antenna is designed for better performance on the outer edges of its beam width, so that pointing is easier and signals from different directions come in more clearly. The biggest change, however, is Televes’ proprietary T-Force manufacturing process which means cleaner, more efficient electronics. This means more unamplified gain — up to 10dB more than last year’s model in tests — and amplified gain that was literally off the charts. In fact the amplifier was so strong that auto-gain-control kicked in on signals from 60 miles away. Of course it still maintains class-leading LTE filtering.

The new antenna is available NOW at Solid Signal, but before you check it out… read our review of the DATBOSS Mix, which gives all the details. If you need UHF and VHF performance in an antenna that will last a decade or more easily, check out the new DATBOSS Mix!

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