That’s right folks, the biggest event of the year is back at Solid Signal! This year, it’s bigger and better than ever!

What is Antennathon?

Antennathon is our way of thanking the Solid Signal community! We’re featuring our best antennas and accessories at the best prices of the year. If you’ve been thinking about making a move toward cord-cutting, you’ve come to the right place. You won’t find a better selection of antennas from all the major brands, plus everything you’ll need to make them work their best.

Why have an antenna at all?

A lot of folks think that antennas are obsolete. Some will tell you that over-the-air antennas went out with wind-up windows and typewriters. I’m here to say that antennas are alive and well in the 21st century and they’re more important than ever!

A decade ago, most people got their video entertainment from a pay-TV company. Whether it was cable or satellite, this company always provided you with your local channels. Local channels aren’t just a link to popular network shows, either. They’re a source of well-researched local news and information. They’re a critical way to stay connected to your own community.

Today, more and more people get their video from streaming. That’s great, but unless you subscribe to a live TV package like DIRECTV Stream, Hulu Live Channels, Sling, or YouTube TV you’re not getting local channels anymore. You may not even realize what you’ve been missing.

An over-the-air antenna gives you live local TV when you need it. It’s a one-time purchase with nothing more to buy, and it’s the perfect match for the streaming life. It adds the channels you’ve been missing as well as channels you never even knew about.

The truth about antennas

With digital HDTV broadcasting, about 95% of the US population can get free TV over-the-air. All it takes is an antenna. With a simple channel scan, you get your major networks, and more. While the average cable or satellite company usually offers about 8 local channels in an area, there could be 75 channels or more of entertainment. That’s because pay-TV companies don’t rebroadcast everything that’s available. They don’t have to, and they don’t think it’s worth the effort. But there’s a world of movies, classic TV, game shows, religious programming, and non-English programming out there for everyone to enjoy. And best of all, it’s free.

April’s AntennaThon is your time to save!

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With all the great antennas and accessories, what’s stopping you? It’s AntennaThon!

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