Antop Joins the Antenna-Thon Celebration!

As you know, we’re celebrating Antenna-Thon this month. It’s an entire month dedicated to TV antennas. This week, we’re honoring Antop antennas. There’s a lot to like about the company’s products. Take the awesome features and benefits packed into each model for example. This adds to Antop’s claim to fame, which is making compact antennas with long-range reception. No wonder why so many people use Antop TV antennas both indoors and out!

Antop TV Antenna Features

What makes Antop antennas so great? It’s what’s inside. Most Antop antennas come with two things to help optimize your TV-watching experience:

  1. A built-in Smartpass amplifier
  2. And a 4G LTE filter

With the click of a switch, the amplifier helps deliver a balance between short- and long-range reception. The 4G LTE filter prevents 3G and 4G cellular signals from disrupting your UHF reception. Working together or separately, these Antop antenna features improve your cord-cutting experience.

What Antop Antenna Do You Need?

A lot depends on where you live. The distance between you and the local TV transmitters factors into what will work best for you. Here are four of the most popular Antop antennas we carry:

See that cool-looking antenna? It’s the Antop AT-414B, but most folks call it the “UFO.” The reason for that should be obvious. This is the most popular Antop antenna we carry because it appeals to so many people. For some, it’s a long-distance (50 miles) antenna mounted to their roofs. Other people use it as an indoor antenna. It’s also popular with RV owners who want free TV. The UFO comes with Antop’s trademark Smartpass amplifier and a 4G LTE filter.  

Order the UFO from Solid Signal

Do you need a smaller antenna for your condo or apartment? One that blends in with your home décor? If so, this flat panel indoor antenna is a great option. It has a 50-mile range, which is longer than most flat-panel antennas. It also comes with Antop’s Smartpass amplifier and 4G LTE filter for improved reception. 

 Order the AT-201B from Solid Signal

And there’s this flat Smartpass amplified indoor/outdoor antenna. It delivers FREE TV from up to 60+ miles away. Like the other Antop antennas above, this has a built-in Smartpass amplifier and 4G LTE filter. It’s also easy to install.  

Order the AT-402B from Solid Signal

Sometimes you don’t need a large antenna. If you live close to the transmitters in your TV market, a small indoor antenna is more than enough. If this sounds like you, the AT-132 from Antop is the perfect solution. It’s easy to install at home and gets signal from up to 30 miles away. And if its white color doesn’t match your home décor, you can paint it with a non-metallic paint.  

Order the AT-132 from Solid Signal

You’ve Seen the Antop Antennas we Carry…

…But you’re wondering which one is best for you? You’ll get the answer when you talk to the tech team at Solid Signal. Our team will give you an expert antenna recommendation based on a variety of factors. Cord-cutters get this level of white-glove service when they call us at 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below. Remember, cutting the cord and getting FREE TV is the best way to celebrate Antenna-Thon!

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