NICE AND EASY: What is a mast?

It’s, you know, a pole. When you’re mounting an antenna or satellite dish, whether it’s to a wall, a chimney, or a roof, you’re going to need a vertical post to put the thing on. That’s a mast.

Masts are generally made of steel and are designed to withstand wind and other weather to make sure that your antenna or dish stays where you put it. One of the strongest mounting systems is the chimney mount, where a mast is strapped to your chimney. The chimney is generally the highest point in the home and it makes sense to strap something to it, as long as the chimney is structurally sound.

Pretty much any rod or pole can be used for a mast; some people prefer rebar and others fencepost material, but some antennas or dishes are specifically designed for specific size masts, so Solid Signal carries specifically designed masts that will work with the equipment we offer.

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