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By now, you’ve probably gotten a lot of emails with ideas for working from home. Heck, Solid Signal has sent you a few. Of course, we’re all trying to find our way in this strange new world, and it seems like at least a few of us will continue working from home for a while.

When you’re at work, you might be able to get what you need from your IT department.  When you’re at home, you just might be your IT department. It’s important for you to make smart decisions with your money, and Solid Signal is here to help.

You might already have a USB hub…

…but I bet it’s not as smart as this Tech Choice USB 3.0 hub. Even if you already have a USB hub you’re going to want to give this one a look.

USB 3.0 for everyone

USB 3 is the standard these days. Whether you get it from the “old-school” USB-A port or from the sexier little USB-C port, it’s the way we do business in 2020. USB 3 is faster than USB 2, the previous standard that was in use for over a decade. In addition to being about ten times faster, USB 3 can provide over three times the amount of power to each device. That’s important if you’re charging things up a lot. I bet you are, especially now that you are working from home.

What makes this hub special

The difference with this specific hub is that you can turn each hub on and off directly. This means you can send all seven watts to one port instead of splitting the power over three ports. This really means that most devices will charge three times faster. You can choose to charge three things more slowly, or turbocharge one device so that it charges really quickly. It also means that some devices which won’t usually charge through a USB hub will actually charge.

USB 3 still doesn’t give you enough power to charge an iPad or similar size device, but it should charge most phones quickly. All you need to do is push the button next to each port in order to turn it off or on. A blue light near each port shows you its status.

This is a truly plug-and-play device that doesn’t require external power. What you see is what you get, and it’s as easy as it can be. So easy, in fact, that our video production team barely had anything to show in a promotional video.

Take 30 seconds…

…and enjoy their efforts. Then shop for the USB hub you really need, now at Solid Signal.

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