BACK IN STOCK: Tech Choice EZChecker Cable Tester

That’s right, one of our most popular items is finally back. You know all about it if you’ve subscribed to our daily emails. If you haven’t, you need to know about this little cable tester. The Tech Choice EZChecker is the one must-have tool for anyone who does home theater or networking.

This tester pretty much does it all.

Test coaxial cables, category cables, even phone cables for those who still need land line service. This tester is so easy to use it will help you get everything done faster.

The tester comes part into two sections. One goes on one side of the cable, one on the other. That’s about it! Read the helpful lights on the larger piece and look at the legend printed right on the tester to help you find out if your cables are in good shape. You can test cables of virtually any length.

Why test cables?

I’ve made a lot of cables in my life. I may not hold the title of top cable maker of all time, but I’ve made a lot. And I’ll be honest with you, I’ve made a few mistakes. Not a huge number of mistakes but enough that I test every cable I make before I use it. Before I got an EZ Checker I used a multimeter to test the continuity of every single connection. This used to take a long time especially with category cables. Now it’s a lot faster and I can feel more confident in the cables I use.

Of course I know you probably get all your cables and connectors at Solid Signal, but there are going to be emergencies. I know that as a last resort you’re going to go to the closest home store and get what you have to get. Only, I have to tell you, I’ve gotten bad cables and bad connectors from stores like that. A tool like this will give you the confidence you need to make sure everything’s perfect, even if you can’t buy the best quality components all the time.

You get everything you need

With the EZChecker you get the tester, the vegan carrying case (that’s right, no cows suffered to make this case) plus a 9 volt battery and an adapter that will let you test BNC cables as well as cables with F-connectors. This is a continuity tester not a resistance tester, so you should be able to test any 75-ohm or 50-ohm cable. And you won’t pay a lot. No, this is not the least expensive tool in the world. But let’s say it saves you 5 minutes a day. That adds up. If it saves you from installing one bad cable which means you don’t have to go back to a customer site and fix it, it’s paid for itself four times over.

That’s why I’m saying you need something like this. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or just a “weekend warrior” type. You should have one of these testers around. It’s small enough to fit in even the tightest toolbox and believe me you’ll be glad you brought it along.




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