Base Station Antenna and More for First Responders

A high-quality indoor/outdoor antenna for first responders is the latest addition to Solid Signal’s online inventory. This device from Mars Antennas has many exciting features that make it ideal for community first responders. Being able to mount it inside or outside your base station is just one of them. This is one of many base station antennas that Solid Signal carries. It’s also one of many communications products that Solid Signal has for emergency workers. Truth is, we appreciate everything that first responders do for the people in their communities. As a way of saying thank you, Solid Signal offers many great deals for qualifying first responders. Check it out!

Mars Antenna for First Responders

This indoor/outdoor antenna from Mars Antennas is specifically made for public safety and first responder installations. It is a 490-860 MHz subscriber antenna that covers LTE 700 MHz and 800 MHz. This range supports public safety and first responder installations. This antenna also features a UV-protected radome for outdoor use, but it’s also small enough (19.68” H x 5.51” L x 13.58” W) to be mounted indoors. This antenna has different mounting options.

This Mars Antennas product for first responders also has the following features:

  • Gain: 6 dBi
  • Polarization: linear, vertical, horizontal
  • Horizontal beam width: 90 degrees
  • Vertical beam width: 45 degrees
  • Maximum power: 50W
  • RF Connectors: N female
  • Comes with MNT-22 mount

New Arrivals at Solid Signal

As an online electronic products retailer, Solid Signal is always on the hunt for new and innovative products. Through our research, we located this Mars Antennas device for first responders and added to our inventory. It’s one of many exciting devices that you can find in the New Arrivals section of the Solid Signal website. Every addition to this page goes through a rigorous vetting process. Stuart Sweet, our in-house product expert, tests some of these devices to ensure their quality and reliability.

First Responder Benefits from Solid Signal

As companies go, Solid Signal and its Signal Connect division are very first responder-friendly. Signal boosters are one of the biggest ways we do this. We specialize in equipping emergency workers with the right signal booster for their headquarters and vehicles. By reducing or eliminating dropped calls and missed data, this helps keep you connected at the base station and in the field. This is highly important when lives are on the line.

Signal boosters aren’t the only thing Signal Connect offers first responders. As an AT&T Authorized Retailer, this division of our company also offers business cell phones, mobile devices, and cellular plans to qualified emergency workers. We currently offer AT&T’s Unlimited Plus Enhanced and Unlimited Choice plans at attractive prices. To further show our appreciation, we also offer these discounts to qualifying first responders:

  • 25% off your monthly AT&T wireless services
  • $15 off your monthly DIRECTV bills
  • $15/month off on home Internet services
  • $250 Visa gift card per line if switching providers
  • Buy one, get one smart phones (including the iPhone XS Max and XR)

Solid Signal and Signal connect want to show as much appreciation to first responders as we can. Many of you who met us at the EMS World Expo 2018 know this. We want you to take advantage of the many discounts, promotions, and special offers we provide to emergency workers who qualify. To do this, all you have to do is call Signal Connect at 888-233-7563. Our reps can also match you with the best base station antenna for your specific needs. Give us a call!

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