The Best Source for TV Antennas and Satellite TV Service

AirTV and DISH are now in the TV antenna installation business but is this your best source for OTA and satellite TV?

AirTV now installs OTA TV antennas for its clients in all of the lower 48 states. It’s called the AirTV Pro Install program, and it’s designed to help match DISH clients with the best OTA antenna for their needs. The service utilizes Winegard FlatWave Amped indoor antenna and the Televes DigiNova BOSS outdoor antennas, which are installed by AirTV’s network of licensed and insured techs. The basic costs for the AirTV installation is $99 for an indoor antenna (one room) and $149 for the outdoor antenna.

The question is, do you need a professional installer to put in your indoor or outdoor antenna?

The answer is no if you get your AirTV from Solid Signal. We’ve been helping people cut the cord for years, and we offer a huge variety of indoor and outdoor TV antennas. Like AirTV, we also carry the Winegard FlatWave and the Televes DigiNova Boss. We also carry hundreds of other antenna makes and models that we’re happy to recommend. Remember, optimal TV reception depends upon your distance from the TV transmitters and other factors. In other words, no two installations are alike, so it’s best to call us for an antenna recommendation.

Why spend money to install your TV antenna when you can do it yourself for free? It’s not really that difficult, and Solid Signal is here to help you. There are plenty of installation tutorials and white papers one our website to help you get your indoor or outdoor antenna up and running. If you’re not mechanically inclined, give our antenna experts a call and let one of them walk you through the process. We’ve done this before, and we’re happy to do it again in order to help you enjoy free HDTV.

Since AirTV is part of DISH (formerly DISH Network), we think it’s only fair to mention satellite TV. The AirTV Pro Install program was designed to add antenna TV to DISH clients’ satellite TV programming. While this is helpful, the program is limited. Clients must have DISH (formerly DISH Network) in order to participate, and the program limits viewers to just two antenna choices. And then there’s the cost, which is low… but it still costs.

Signal Connect, the commercial and installation arm of Signal Group, is a DISH and DIRECTV authorized dealer. If you’re considering added a satellite dish to your TV antenna – or a TV antenna to your satellite dish – Signal Connect can help. The Signal Connect team has been bringing satellite TV programming to thousands of homes, as well as businesses, boats, RVs, big rigs, and other applications. Signal Connect can help you, too!

When you call a Signal Connect account rep, you’ll immediately enjoy the company’s concierge service. They’ll help you determine whether DIRECTV or DISH is best service option for you, and they’ll also help determine which programming package is best suited to your tastes. Signal Connect also helps get your satellite dish and equipment installed. The Signal Connect team knows shortcuts to avoid being trapped in the satellite providers’ seemingly endless call centers. This means your DIRECTV or DISH service gets activated quickly and easily. Best of all, a member of the team will act as your account representative throughout the life of the service.

If you’re ready for satellite TV, want to add a TV antenna, or both, Signal Connect can help. You’ll love how our concierge service will listen to you in order to put together the best home entertainment package for your budget.  It all starts with a phone call to Signal Connect. You can reach a member of our helpful team at 888-233-7563, or visit the Signal Connect website for more information. Let us deliver the programming options of satellite TV with the benefits of free local HDTV!

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