Big EPIX Preview NOW!

When DIRECTV rolled out EPIX, a lot of folks were unconvinced. The package was not part of the Premium subscription and people weren’t necessarily ready to jump in. But I do have to tell you, it’s an excellent package and I am glad that DIRECTV was finally able to add it.

Now, there is a good long free preview that will allow you to decide if it’s time to add the channel. It starts today July 19 and goes all month until August 17.

This gives you a new chance to see Pennyworth, the new series which imagines a young Alfred (Batman’s butler) as a secret agent. If you’ve enjoyed other fringe parts of the Batman story like Gotham and you’re looking forward to the upcoming Batwoman, this one seems right up your alley as well.

You’ll also find a massive amount of new and recent movies that it’s practically impossible to find anywhere else. They’re available on channels 558-560 on DIRECTV or on demand through your DIRECTV DVR.

No app yet…

I did just check and the EPIX app still isn’t set up to authenticate through DIRECTV. So, unfortunately this preview won’t be available on your streaming device. However, EPIX content is available through the DIRECTV app for your phone or tablet, and the On Demand channel is there which gives you everything you’ll want through DIRECTV. At the time of this writing it wasn’t responding, but I’m sure that will be fixed soon. You can still go old school and record things as they come up, in a worst case scenario.

Don’t let work slow you down

Use the free DIRECTV app for smartphones and tablets to browse through all the great EPIX programming and find what you’re looking for. You can do it through your browser at and your boss will think you’re working!

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