How can you add more receivers to a KVH HD7 system?

Let’s say for a minute that you’ve got a large yacht. Let’s say that you put a KVH HD7 Marine Satellite system in. (Let’s also say I’m a little jealous.) By itself, it allows you to run 8 receivers, or a Genie DVR with three clients and three additional receivers. Let’s say that isn’t enough for you. (OK, let’s say I’m really jealous.) What can you do?

The good news is that KVH has your back. They’ve designed the HD7 to be expandable… you can add capacity for up to 32 receivers or a Genie DVR and 27 receivers, or A Genie DVR and 13 regular DVRs… which I would think would be enough for most pleasure craft. The system can actually be expanded beyond that point, but it’s a little harder.

The easy thing to do here is to add a KVH SWM Expansion Kit. This kit has everything you need to add 16 or 32 tuner capacity to your existing dome. It adds a few parts that will let you keep the existing 8 tuner capacity of your dome and add on to it. It’s an easy job for someone comfortable with electronics and minor electrical work.

And… no it’s not cheap. But then again neither is the HD7 system. It’s something that goes along with a big, luxury craft and if you have one of those, you probably have a little different idea of what things cost. (Like I said, jealous.) So it’s definitely worth it to be able to add a lot more capacity so every stateroom can have satellite TV, or so you can create a man-cave-like sports room even if you’re on the water. I say, you have satellite TV… why not enjoy it your way?

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