Big HBO Free Preview NOW!

DIRECTV is holding a free preview weekend of HBO to celebrate the latest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David’s signature show (perhaps after Seinfeld) enters its ninth season, having started an amazing 17 years ago. The notoriously crotchety Mr. David, who amazingly looks almost identical to the way he did in 2000, only produces episodes when he feels like it, and apparently he hasn’t felt like it in about six years.

The show, like Mr. David himself, is brilliant but certainly not for everyone, and that’s why HBO is giving you about 71 other hours of programming on its many other HBO and Cinemax channels just to convince you to maybe watch Curb for an hour.

On DIRECTV, you’ll find HBO and Cinemax channels starting on channel 501. There’s a lot of entertainment there and remember that anything you record now through the end of the preview Sunday night will be good for as long as you keep your DVR so why not stock up with some great entertainment?

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