Bluetooth Wristband Fitness Tracker

Tired of working out and not seeing results? Solid Signal has the Bluetooth-enabled device that keeps track of your progress.

What’s the point of working out if you can’t share your stats on Facebook and other social media? Is it showing off? Maybe a little. But sharing your workouts also is a great way to get encouragement and motivation. If you or someone you know has decided to hit the gym, we have the perfect device.

This Supersonic Bluetooth Smart Wristband Fitness Tracker monitors your exercise efforts. It logs daily activities – steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned – and compares it to your goal. It also lets you take calls and text alerts on the band. Perhaps most importantly, its Bluetooth connectivity lets you share your stats with other devices. Your Facebook friends-list will stay updated on your activities. And the wristband’s hot pink color is the perfect touch of femininity for women who are killing it at the gym.

One Last Thing…

Just because this device is pink doesn’t mean it’s only for women. Many fashion-forward men incorporate elements of this traditionally-feminine color into their wardrobes. Are you a guy who’s impressed with the features and benefits of this fitness tracker? You can get one, too. We don’t judge. But we will say that this device provides the vital data anyone needs to track their workouts. If pink isn’t your thing, that’s okay. We also carry this product in blueorange, and black. Surely one of these will match your workout attire.

Think this Bluetooth fitness tracker is perfect for you or someone you know? Order it from Solid Signal!

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