Would you like to wirelessly stream your favorite programming into your home? DIRECTV NOW plans to bring this ground-breaking streaming service to you!

Beginning next year, AT&T will roll out its new wireless TV and home internet service. This will allow the company to offer gigabyte speeds and DIRECTV NOW to millions of Americans who struggle with slow streaming speeds. When implemented in sometime in 2018, it will deliver wireless TV to every home with AT&T’s 5G wireless home internet plan. This will be a win-win for viewers and AT&T and one more reason to consider DIRECTV NOW as your streaming service.

AT&T announced its wireless streaming plans Tuesday at Goldman Sachs 26th Annual Communacopia Conference. Its reason to bring wireless streaming into American homes is two-fold. First of all, viewers get DIRECTV without a satellite dish. This will be particularly helpful in many areas that don’t have high-speed internet service. Secondly, the plan saves AT&T money. Apparently, it is more cost-effective to deliver wireless internet to homes than installing fiber cable to even a small town. The latter often takes months or even years depending upon the town’s size.

The recent announcement to deliver wireless, satellite dish-free streaming to homes was big news at Communacopia. When finished, this should be a huge evolution for DIRECTV NOW. AT&T’s streaming service currently is experiencing other improvements. The company is still gathering data on its DIRECTV NOW DVR beta test before its projected fall release. DIRECTV NOW also continues to add TV stations to its live TV app. It recently acquired CBS stations in several major markets as well as many CBS-owned CW affiliates. Verizon also is working to bring wireless, satellite dish-free streaming to American homes.

There were a lot of doubts about DIRECTV NOW when the streaming service was released. Some of the most common complaints included a delayed stream, a lack of local TV affiliates for its live TV app, and no DVR function to record shows. In a short amount of time, DIRECTV NOW began to address these issues. It has a flawless feed, and the streaming service continues to add local TV affiliates to its live TV app. Its DVR is being beta tested with a projected fall rollout.

Ironically, Stuart Sweet is the only one who didn’t seem surprised by AT&T’s recent announcement. Always the satellite TV sage, Stuart predicted this would become a possibility shortly after the DIRECTV/AT&T merger was announced in 2014. I think it could be a solid move for AT&T and DIRECTV NOW, depending upon how it rolls out. Will it just end up a rural solution similar to satellite internet? Or will this offer come to every town, big and small? If the latter is the case, I would consider it for my own home. It just depends upon how AT&T’s plan, service, and benefits stack up against our current entertainment package.

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